Simplex Vita

by The Footlight District

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We are incredibly excited about this album. We believe these songs are a true reflection of who we are and the experiences in our lives that have shaped us and brought us here to this point in time!! Over the last year while writing this album, we did a lot of soul searching about what music is to us. What is it about music that touches and engages all all of our senses, thereby impacting our souls in an eternal way? Our favorite music, is music that comes genuinely from someone's heart and soul. Music that is so earnest and passionate, you can feel the raw emotions and energy. It's music that you feel as though you are actually experiencing it with another person. By listening, or singing, or playing it, all of your senses are so engaged that you feel a real human connection and that you are not alone in this world. It makes you feel that not only do you understand the artist, but you to are truly being understood. Their pain, their happiness, their sadness, their suffering, their joy, becomes yours and you internalize it and relate it to your own life experiences.

This is why we personally decided to shy away from a slick production in a top of the line studio for this album. We wanted to create music that makes you feel, capturing the rawness of emotions, blended with passion and releasing the energy that unites and connects us as humans. Making the sad moments in life tolerable, happy moments more alive, and the lonely moments shared!

When recording, it was very important for us to create an environment that would allow us to create in a way that those who listened could feel the same emotions you would at a live concert. We did a lot of unconventional things during recording, from mic placement to arrangements. Half of this album was recorded in Jim's basement, and the other half in our living room in a fortress of couches and soundproofing material for noise cancelling barriers. Carefully working with Jim in the mixing to ensure that every note sounded exactly how we ourselves experience it. We wanted to create an old school raw album that wasn't overly processed, and kept that grungy soulful feeling that we so often hear in vintage recordings, while keeping in our modern times. We recorded together live in 1-2 takes as to not lose the energy and momentum behind each song!

We are incredibly grateful for co-producer Jim Hewitt's willingness to experiment with us, try out new things, and always believe in us! Jim was an excellent co-producer and partner in crime, besides being a great friend!! We are thrilled and humbled we finally have achieved an album that truly represents the music inside our hearts and souls. Creating something that clearly is uniquely us, interesting, and that makes our ideas come to life. We are extremely happy with and proud of this album!!


released January 27, 2017



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The Footlight District Chicago, Illinois

The Footlight District was born out of a desire to make an impact with their music. They write songs that share their life experiences of struggle and triumph. Anchored by raw soulful bluesy instrumentals, strong vocals, and peppered with tight sibling harmonies, their music is soulful, gritty, and passionate.

They are as genuine as it gets. Every note and every word is straight from the heart.​
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